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Alcove units

What are alcove units?

We’re proud of our alcove units, you might have guessed that already - we’re certainly not trying to hide the fact! We named our company after alcove units, because they’re our speciality and our passion. Our clients often request alcove units to act as display shelving or bookshelves, house TV accessories or to act as innovative storage space. We’re firm believers in the range of uses for an alcove unit and the aesthetic qualities they can lend to a room they are featured in. An alcove unit can really help to bring out the most of your space and tie your rooms together, acting as centre pieces and focal points due to their elegant design features.

Our styles

Alcove units can come in a variety of styles across a broad spectrum of classic to modern. We have our own unique style which you can see from examples on this page, yet we’re always led your desires and can craft beautiful alcoves which will sit comfortably with the feel of your room’s existing interior design. Depending on your needs and requirements we’ll design and build the highest quality freestanding alcove units, half alcoves or alcoves which sit entirely on one wall.

Your property does not need pre-existing Victorian alcove cupboards, for you to enjoy the use of an alcove unit. Many modern houses don’t have alcove spaces, but can benefit greatly from a well-designed alcove unit, which allows you to both store unsightly items out of site or conversely prominently display visually attractive items.

Stylish and functional

Alcove units are particularly popular for placing TV peripherals and sound systems out of sight, this keeps your areas clean, stylish and functional. Our years of experience inform us that our clients are looking for simple methods to control their devices when placed in alcoves, and we have several options which make use of infra-red receivers. As you can see from the images of our successful projects, we often design, create and install alcoves which cover an entire wall, with room for TV units, books or display features and storage space for electronic peripherals.

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